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Maine Histokical Society 

(gntk)utfati0 (jytonumcnta CoWigere 

JANUARY 25, 1913 TO JUNE 26, 1914 


Smith & Sale, Printers 





GIVE, devise and bequeath to the 

Maine Historical Society, 

Portland, Maine, 
the sum of dollars. 
















9 ex officlis 





HENRY DEERING, .... - Portland 


JOSEPH EUGENE MOORE, - - - Thomaston 

CLARENCE HALE, - - - - - Portland 
SELDEN CONNOR, ------ Augusta 




























January 25, 1913. 

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall, 
Thursday evening, January 25, 1913, and was called to 
order at 7.30 p. m. 

Mr. Lee M. Friedman, of Boston, addressed us very 
acceptably on the Hebrews in the Revolutionary War. 


February 27, 191 3. 

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall, 
Thursday, February 27, 1913, at 2.30 p. m. 

The librarian, Mr. Nathan Goold, read a report of 
accessions to the library and cabinet. 


February 27, 191 3. 
Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen : 

The last report of your librarian was November 20, 
191 2. The library is making the usual advances in each 
department. We have had the news of three Maine town 
histories being produced since my last report. We have 
that of Garland, by Lyndon Oak, Esq., of 401 pages, 
and that of Jay, by Rev. Benjamin Lawrence, A.M., of 
93 pages. They are good histories of the towns of which 
they are written. Then we have a notice of the issuance 
of volume two of the history of City of Belfast, by the 
late Hon. Joseph Williamson, of Belfast. It will be a 
book of 700 pages, like the first volume, and will be 


similar to it. Belfast will have the best history of any 
town in the State. It is to be issued this spring. 

We have added to the library since my last report 128 
bound books and 195 pamphlets, making a total of 323. 
We have had 246 gifts, 49 exchanges, and 28 purchased, 
and have had several additions to our cabinet, as is given 
in its place. 

We have received the following books by gift : 

Archives of General Convention; Vol. 6. Correspondence of John Henry 
Hobart 1808-11, from Commissioner on Archives of the New York 

John Fairfield Dryden, In Memoriam, from the Prudential Insurance Co. 

Narragansett Sun, from 1897 to 1911, from C. T. Libby. 

A Brief Study of Aquila Chase, an illustrated scrap book, by William E. 
Gould, Brookline, Mass., 1912, from the author. 

Journals of the Continental Congress, Vol. 19, 1781, from the Library of 

Memoir of James Brown, by George S. Hillard, 1856; Account of the 
Churches in Rhode Island, Providence, 1853, both from H. W. Bryant. 

Genealogy of the Fillebrown Family, from the author, Charles B. Fillebrown. 

Genealogical and Historical Scrap Book of Mechanic Falls, compiled by 
Charles E. Waterman, 1912. 

Selections from the Public Documents of Nova Scotia, 1869, edited by 
Thomas E. Aikens, from Nathan Goold. 

Two Crosby Families, 191 2, from the author, Simon P. Crosby. 

Sacred Poems, by N. P. Willis, 1847, from H. W. Bryant, Esq 

Check List of American 18th Century Newspapers, 19 12, from Library of 

Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 1 1 vols., Ocean Insurance 
Policies, 2 vols., from A. B. Hall. 

Genealogy of the Cushing Family, by Lemuel Cushing, 1877, from Charles 
E. Banks, M.D. 

Morgan's Testament, 1848, by Jonathan Morgan, of Portland; Warren's 
Geography, 1844; The Beauties of the Hon. Daniel Webster, by James 
Rees, N. Y., 1839; The Waif, a Collection of Poems, 1845, edited at 
Cambridge, by Henry W. Longfellow ; Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition 
of Book Plates and Super-Libros, Boston, Mass., 1898, all from H. W. 

Old Merchants of New York City, by Walter Barrett, N. Y., 1866, 4 vols.; 
Lancashire Folk-Lore, edited by John Harland, Eng., 1S67 ; History of 
New Jersey, by John O. Raum, 1877, 2 vols. ; History of Hudson 
County, N. J., 1874, by Charles H. Winfield; History of 9th Reg. 83rd, 
N. Y. Volunteers, N. Y. S. M., 1889, N. Y. ; The City of Dundee, Scot- 
land; History During the Last 60 Years, all from Miss Mary Drummond. 


Catalogue of maps, plans and charts in the map rooms of the Dominion 
Archives, 1912, from the Canadian Government. 

The Stock Exchange from Within, 1913, by William C. Van Antwerp, from 
Doubleday, Page & Company. 

Journal of Continental Congress, 1781, Vol. 20, from Library of Congress. 

Adjt. Frost's Order Book on the Hudson, 1780, from Nathan Goold. 

Backwoods Sketches, from Hon. John Francis Sprague. 

Four Pamphlets from University of Maine. 

Also current favors from the State of Maine, City of Portland, Library of 
Congress, Louisiana State Museum, Mississippi Valley Historical Asso- 
ciation, United States Brewers' Association, Brown University, Columbia 
University, Dartmouth College. 

We have acquired the following by exchange : 

Vol. 12, Kansas History Society Collections, 1911-1912. 

Vol. 45, Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, 1911-1912. 

Ailing, Allen Genealogy and History of New Haven, Conn., 1639 to 1899. 

De Veaux Family Genealogy. 

Livermore Family of America. 

Cummings Genealogy, 1601-1904. 

Sterling Genealogy, 2 vols. 

Service with 3rd Wisconsin Infantry. 

Civil War Messages and Proclamations of Wisconsin War Governors, 
Thwaites, 191 2. 

Annotated Catalogue of Newspaper Files in Library of Wisconsin Historical 

Vol. 14, Connecticut Historical Society Collections on Hartford Land Distri- 
bution, 1639. 

New York Historical Society Collections. 4 vols., 1906-7-8-9. 

The Maine Teacher — a Monthly Journal, eight numbers, 1859-1861. 

History of the Australian Colonies, Jenks, Cambridge, Mass., 1896. 

The Philippine Experience of an American Teacher, Freer, New York, 1906. 

The Cradle of the Republic — Jamestown and James River. 

History of the Castle, Town and Port of Dover, England. By Statham. 

Thirty Years of New York Politics. 

What the Gunpowder Plot Was. 

The Deborah Cook Sayle's Public Library, Paw r tucket, R. I. 

Historic Towns of the Middle States, Edited by Lyman P. Powell. 

Historic Towns of New England. 3 vols. Edited by Powell, 1901, New York. 

Williamsburg, Va., The Old Colonial Capital. 

Also the current publications of the following societies : Essex Institute, 
New England Historic-Genealogical Society, Illinois Historical Society, 
Indiana Historical Society, Iowa Historical Society, Louisiana Society, 
Maryland Historical Society, Missouri Historical Society, New Haven 
Colony Historical Society, Oregon Historical Society, Pennsylvania His- 
torical Society, Vermont Historical Society, Virginia State Library, 
Wyoming Historical Society. 


We have purchased the following : 

American Ancestry in the United States. Vol. 8. 1893. 
There Was a Little Girl. By Henry W. Longfellow, New York, 1883. 
Leaves from the Battlefield of Gettysburg. 1864. By Mrs. Edmund A. Souder. 
The Trial of the British Soldiers of the 29th Regiment of Foot. Nov. 27, 

1770. Boston, Mass. Boston Massacre. 
Early Virginian Emigrants, 1623-1666. By George C. Greer. 191 2. 
General Index to Magazine of History with Notes and Queries. 1912. Vol. 1. 

Index Probate Records — York County, Me. Jan. 1901 to Jan. 191 1. 
Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett, 191 1. Edited by Annie Fields. 
The Old Burying Ground of Fairfield, Conn. Also an account of the Rebuild- 
ing of the Tombs. By Kate E. Perry, 1882. 
Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex, Mass., 1656-1662. 
Reminiscences of John Greenleaf Whittier, at Oak Hill, Danvers, Mass. By 

Miss Abby J. Woodman, 1908. 
Cornwall, England, Parish Registers; Marriages, Vol. 21. 
Devon and Cornwall, Notes and Queries. Vol. 7, Part 5, Jan., 191 3. 
History of Garland, Maine, by Lyndon Oak. 
History of Jay, Maine, by Rev. Benjamin F. Lawrence, A. M. 
Ballou's Pictorial — Drawing-room Companion. Vol. 9, 1855. 
Gleason's Pictorial — Drawing-room Companion. Vol. 7, 1854. 
The Makers of Maine, by Herbert E. Holmes, 191 2. 

Massachusetts Vital Records, to 1849, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro, Dunstable. 
The Battle of April 19, 1775, with a list of the men who participated, by 

Frank W. Coburn, Lexington, Mass., 1913. 
Early Records of Londonderry, Windham, and Derry, N. H., 1 7 19—1762. 

2 vols. 
Croydon, N. H., 1866, Centennial Celebration, by Edmund Wheeler, 1867. 
James Lawrence — Capt. U. S. Navy, by Albert Cleaves, 1904. 
Helen A. Gilman, In Memoriam, Portland, Maine, 1904. 
The Old Merchants of New York City, by Walter Barrett, New York, 1866. 

1 vol. 
Dartmouth College General Catalogue, 1769-19 10. 

The Cabinet has been added to as follows : 

The Portland Genius, from Miss Mary K. Longfellow. 

Manuscript of the Littlefield Family of Rhode Island. 

One pair tailor shears used in cutting the uniform of the First Maine Regi- 
ment, in 1861, from George H. Smardon, Esq. 

Painting of ship Mary L. Stone, from Hon. Charles F. Libby and A. J. Hus- 
ton, Esq. 

Licenses of Vessels, 1836-1837, from Elias Thomas, Esq. 

Leonard B. Chapman, Esq., a home made clothes pin and a fruit dish used 
by him many years. 



Baltimore Telegraph, Christian Pilot, and a small bust of Longfellow, Letters 

of Franklin Simmons, Esq., and receipt of William Willis, as president, 

1833, from II. W. Bryant, Esq. 
Package of Cumberland Hank Bills, from Arthur W. Beal, Esq. 
Photos of Public Men, and framed picture of Capt. Samuel Blyth of the Boxer, 

from Dr. Charles E. Banks. 
Commission of Judge Asher Ware, 1822, from Richard Ware, Esq. 
Rock Markings at Machiasport, Maine, from George F. Cary. 
A piece of the flag torn down by Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth, from the Marshall 

House in 1861, from Dr. Mary Chandler Lowell. 
The office desk and the bill for same, of Hon. Thomas Brackett Reed, used 

while he was in Portland, from Franklin H. Hazelton. 

This is the anniversary of the birth of Henry W. Long- 
fellow. He was born February 27th, 1807, 106 years ago. 
He is a great asset for this Society, and this city, and his 
name will always be on the forefront of the city's great 

Respectfully submitted, 

Nathan Goold, 


Dr. James A. Spalding of Portland gave an instructive 
and interesting address on Dr. Aaron Young, Jr., the first 
ear doctor and earliest botanist of Maine. 


March 26, 1913. 

A meeting of the Society was held at the library hall, 
Wednesday, March 26, 1913, at 2.30 p. m. 

Mr. J. P. Baxter, the President of the Society, intro- 
duced Mr. John Albree, vice president of the Lynn 
Historical Society, who gave an address on "A Woman 
Who Would Not Tell" — Mrs. Elizabeth Van Lew, of 
Richmond, Va. Mrs. Van Lew was appointed postmis- 
tress of Richmond in acknowledgment of important serv- 
ices in the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. 
The address was made of especial interest b} r photographs, 
and by documents concerning personal relics. 




June 24, 1913. 

The annual meeting of the Society for the year 191 3 
was held at two o'clock, afternoon, 24th June, in the lec- 
ture room of Hubbard Hall, in Brunswick. 

The meeting was called to order by the President. 

Members present: James P. Baxter, George E. Bird, 
Hubbard W. Bryant, Henry S. Barrage, Frederick O. 
Conant, Henry Deering, Henry N. Fairbanks, Frederic 
H. Gerrish, Clarence Hale, Fritz II. Jordan, Weston 
Lewis, Prentice C. Manning, Joseph E. Moore, John A. 
Morrill, William D. Patterson and Joseph Wood. 

The records of the last annual meeting having been 
printed and distributed to the members, it was 

Resolved: That reading the records of the last annual 
meeting be omitted. 

A report prepared by Miss Ethel P. Hall, assistant 
librarian, in behalf of the librarian and curator, was read 
by Fritz H. Jordan, and said report was accepted and 
placed on file. 

The annual report of the treasurer, Fritz H. Jordan, 
was read by him, and it was accepted and placed on file. 

The annual report of the corresponding secretary and 
biographer, William D. Patterson, was read by him and 
it was accepted and placed on file. 

An appropriate memorial of Prof. Henry Leland 
Chapman, who at the time of his decease was vice presi- 
dent of the Society, prepared by Hon. Augustus F. 
Moulton, was read by the President; and upon motion by 
Rev. Henry S. Burrage, seconded by Fritz H. Jordan, 
the same was unanimously adopted. 

Dr. Burrage called attention to the approaching three- 
hundredth anniversary of Captain John Smith's presence 
with vessels in the roadstead of Monhegan, and upon 
motion it was 


Resolved: That a committee to cooperate with the peo- 
ple of Monhegan and summer residents there in a proper 
observance of such anniversary be appointed by the 

Whereupon the President appointed as such committee, 
Henry S. Burrage, Prentice C. Manning and Albert R. 

An amendment to the By-laws, proposed at the last 
annual meeting, was adopted as follows : 

Resolved: That Section 2, of the By-laws, be and the 
same is hereby amended by striking out the words " two 
hundred and fifty " and inserting in place thereof the 
words "four hundred," so that the first sentence of said 
section as so amended shall read: "Resident members 
must be residents of Maine, and shall not exceed four 
hundred in number." 

Fritz H. Jordan, Esq., read the report of the committee 
appointed at the last annual meeting to carry into effect 
the purposes of the trust created in the bequest of the late 
Arthur J. C. Sowdon to the Society, which report was 
accepted and placed on file. 

A nominating committee was appointed by the presi- 
dent, consisting of Messrs. Jordan, Gerrish and Deering, 
who retired, and upon return reported the nomination of 
the following named board of officers : 

President — James Phinney Baxter. 

Vice President — George T. Little. 

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan. 

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer — William 1). Patterson. 

Librarian and Curator — Nathan Goold. 

Recording Secretary — Hubbard W. Bryant. 

Standing Committee— Henry S. Burrage, Frederick O. Conant, Henry 
Deering, George A. Emery, Prentice C. Manning, Augustus F. Moulton, 
Asbury C. Stilphen, Albert R. Stubbs and Joseph E. Moore. 

The report being accepted, and no objection appearing, 
the entire ballot was cast by Mr. Patterson, and each 


officer so nominated and balloted for was declared duly 
elected to his respective office. 

The treasurer reported the names of members three or 
more years in arrears with their dues, whereupon said 
members were, by vote of the Society, dropped from 

A ballot was taken for resident members, and the fol- 
lowing named persons were declared duly elected, viz. : 

Rev. Alfred Williams Anthony, Franklin H. Hazelton, Portland. 

Lewiston. Aimer J. Huston, Portland. 

Edward Russell Barbour, Portland. William B. Jack, Portland. 

Mrs. Caroline True Barbour, Rev. Charles R. Joy, Portland. 

Portland. Alfred Johnson, Belfast. 

Edward H. Carpenter, Castine. Augustine N. Linscott, Thomaston. 

Lieut. -Col. William E. Craighill, Mrs. Mary E. McKeen, Portland. 

Portland. Charles H. Robinson, Portland. 

Pres. George Colby Chase, Lewiston. Alfred Morton Gilmore Soule, 
John T. Fagan, Portland. Woolwich. 

Miss Evelyn L. Gilmore, Lewiston. Reuel Washburn Smith, Auburn. 

Arthur Clark Harrington, Berwick. Payson Smith, Auburn. 

William T. Haines, Waterville. Hutson B. Saunders, Portland. 

The committee on observance of the Smith anniversary 
at Monhegan was enlarged by the appointment of Messrs. 
Jordan and Deering, and the President. 

Resolved: That the matter of the proposed celebration 
at Castine in 1914 be left with the President with power to 
appoint a committee when the time arrives. 

The President appointed Messrs. William H. Moulton 
and Edward D. Noyes a committee to audit the treas- 
urer's accounts. 

The'meeting was then dissolved. 



Brunswick, Me., June 24, 1913. 
Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical 

Society : 
Sirs : 

I have the honor to make the following report of receipts 
and expenditures for the past year, viz. : 


June 25, 1912, balance on 

hand as per last report, 
Income of invested funds, 


$ .38 

Admittance fees, twelve new 



Annual clues, 1913, 210 

members, $3.00, 


Arrears of dues, 



Sales of publications of the 

Sales of duplicates, 




Longfellow Memorial Fund, 

Temporary loan, June, 1913, 




Union Safe Deposit & Trust 
Co., rent of box and bond 
of treasurer, $ 25.00 

Salaries of librarian, assist- 
ant and recording secre- 
tary, i,i75-97 

Janitor, 380.00 


Fuel, lights and water, $258.55 

Maintenance and repairs, 103 .52 

Printing, 107 .65 

Sundry miscellaneous items, 125.43 

Furnishings, $ 1.75 

Additions to library and cabinet, 255.98 
Binding, 17.50 


275- 2 3 

June 24, 1913, balance on hand, 37 .28 


The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and 
bonds of the par value of $16,500. 

The account of the Longfellow Memorial Fund is as 
follows, viz. : 


Balance on hand, June 25, 

191 2, as per last report, $ 25.14 

Income of Wadsworth- Long- 
fellow House : 

Admissions season 1912, $2,162.50 

Profit on articles sold at 

house, 456.90 

Contributions from visitors 

at house, 9.28 



Expenses Wadsworth-Long- 

fellow House : 
Salaries of attendants and 

janitor, $747.00 

Repairs and maintenance, 86.23 


Grounds and trees, 




Fuel, light, water and clean- 


34;- 19 

Printing, signs and record 



Sundry small items, 


Interest on debt, $505.35- 



Reduction of debt, 




Transferred to general fund, 

Maine Historical Society, 

on account of running 

expenses of library, 700.00 

Cash on hand, June 24, 

i.9 I -3» 4-3i 

The debt on account of library building is now $11,000. 

The account of the Arthur Noble Monument Fund is as 
follows, viz. : 


August 24, 1912, received 
of George H. Richards, 
Executor, $2,000.00 

December 31, 1912, Canal 

National Bank interest, 28.67 


Present amount of fund, $2,028.67. 
Respectfully submitted, 

Fritz H. Jordan, Treasurer. 



Brunswick, 24th June, 1913. 
To the President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 
Your corresponding secretary and biographer reports that 
of the sixteen persons who were elected resident members 
last year, eleven have accepted such membership, one has 
definitely declined and four have made no response ; and 
that the honorary members then elected have accepted. 
The record of deaths is as follows : 


Henry Leland Chapman, born 26 July, 1845, at Bethel ; 
admitted, 1877 ; died at Brunswick, 24 February, 191 3. 
Alfred Cole, admitted, 1899; died March, 


Ira Crocker, born 1851, at Portland ; admitted, 

1911 ; died at Chatham, N. H., 3 June, 1913. 

Forrest Goodwin, born 14 June, 1862, at Skowhegan ; 
admitted, 1905 ; died May, 1913. 

Herbert Milton Heath, born 27 August, 1853, at Gardi- 
ner ; admitted, 1890; died at Augusta, 18 August, 1912. 

Oliver Philbrick Remick, born 22 September, 1853, at 
Kittery ; admitted, 1898 ; died at Kittery, 17 March, 191 3. 


Rufus George Frederick Candage, born 28 July, 1826, 
at Blue Hill; died at Gleasondale, Mass., 19 June, 1912. 

Hugh J. Chisholm, born 2 May, 1847, at Niagara-on- 
the-Lake, Canada; died at New York City, 8 July, 1912. 

George Augustus Gordon, born 17 July, 1827, at Dover, 
N. H. ; died at Somerville, Mass., 3 May, 191 2. 

Jotham Bradbury Sewall, born October 3, 1825 ; at 
Newcastle; died at Brookline, Mass., 16 June, 1913. 



Asa Dalton, born 30 October, 1824, at Westbrook ; died 
at Portland, 29 August, 191 2. 

Respectfully submitted, 

William D. Patterson. 


Henry Leland Chapman, one of the most distinguished 
and most highly esteemed members of this Society, died at 
his home in Brunswick, February 24, 1913. Professor 
Chapman was born in Bethel, Maine, July 26, 1845, and 
was the son of Elbridge and Delinda Kimball Chapman. 
He came of an ancestry distinguished for piety and the 
sterling qualities which in public and private life have 
developed at its best the New England type of character. 
He had in his youth the usual experience of the hardy 
stock reared among the rugged hills of Oxford County. 
After having been duly instructed in his earlier years in the 
ways of industry and the learning of the common school, 
he went to Gorham Seminary then in the full flower of its 
influence as an educational institution. From the seminary 
he graduated in 1862, and it is remembered as an earnest 
of his subsequent attractive style of address that he was 
recalled to deliver his graduating part a second time. He 
entered Bowdoin College in the class of 1866. In college 
he was distinguished for his social qualities and his literary 
ability and there he graduated with high honor. From 
the college h'e went to Bangor Theological Seminary from 
which institution he graduated in 1869, and was immedi- 
ately elected tutor at Bowdoin College. The college 
which had been depleted by the Civil War was then just 
beginning its new career under the efficient presidency of 
Dr. Samuel Harris. From this time the life work of Pro- 
fessor Chapman was incorporated with that of Bowdoin 


and of its subsequent history lie might well be entitled to 
say magna pars Jin. For a year he was tutor in Latin 
and Mathematics and was then advanced to the position 
of instructor. In 187 1, he became assistant professor of 
Latin and the next year was made full professor of Latin 
which position he held until 1875. ^ n tnat year he became 
professor of Rhetoric, Oratory and English Literature 
which position he filled until 1897, when he was made 
professor of the English Language and Literature. 

The department of English Literature was his chosen 
field, and in his broad and accurate knowledge of the 
English language, its writers and its literature, and in his 
ability to impart such knowledge and to awaken interest 
and enthusiasm among the students in his classes he had 
few equals anywhere. This position he occupied with 
ability ripened and impressive almost to the time of his 
decease. Of character straightforward in its manliness, of 
disposition always helpful, he came to be known, as the 
years went on, the best beloved of Bowdoin by faculty, 
students and alumni. The appearance of Professor Chap- 
man at the Commencement dinners of the college where 
he regularly deaconed the old college hymn, and the ova- 
tion which he at such time received, became one of the 
noted college incidents. 

Professor Chapman was a good citizen and took an 
active part in public affairs but always declined to be a 
candidate for public ollice. He was trustee of the State 
Normal schools from 1890 until the time of his decease 
and was for about twenty-five years president of the trustees 
of Bangor Theological Seminary. He took great interest 
in the doings of the Maine Historical Society of which he 
was for many years an honored member, and we shall 
long miss his genial and helpful presence. He tilled every 
position which came to him with distinguished ability and 
conscientious faithfulness. His memory will always remain 
as a priceless heritage of the college to whose service his 



life work was devoted, to this Society so long one of the 
chosen objects of his regard, and to the great constituency 
public and private, upon whom the influence of his life and 
labors have made an impression which eternity alone can 

Augustus F. Moulton. 


Brunswick, Maine, June 24, 1913. 
Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 

Your committee having in charge the erection of the 
monument to Col. Arthur Noble in the town of Noblebor- 
ough, Maine, has the honor to report progress as follows : 

The bequest of $2,000.00 by the will of the late Arthur 
John Clark Sowdon of Boston, has been received from the 
executor of his estate, and a special deposit of same has 
been made in the Canal National Bank, Portland, where 
it is drawing interest at the rate of four per cent per 

There is much public interest and local pride in the 
matter among the inhabitants of Nobleborough. The town 
has voted to accept the monument and it has been arranged 
that the townspeople shall furnish and grade the lot, thus 
leaving the whole amount of the bequest available for the 
monument, the title of the lot to be held by the town. 
A site has been selected on a commanding position on the 
main highway between Bath and Rockland, at the inter- 
section of the county road and back meadow road. It is 
at what may be called the civic center of the town. Town 
Hall, Grange Hall, Baptist Meeting House and Post 
Office are grouped about it and it is about one mile distant 
from the Nobleborough Station on the Maine Central 
Railroad. The lot is part of the property of the First 


Baptist Church of Nobleborough, and has been deeded to 
the town by the church society. 

A contract has been entered into by your committee 
with the Messrs. George W. Leighton &■ Company of 
Portland, for the construction and erection of a monument 
for the sum of $2,000.00. It is to be an obelisk, twenty- 
eight feet high, of Maine granite and suitably inscribed. 
It is hoped that it may be completed, ready to be unveiled 
some time in the coming Fall. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Fritz H. Jordan, 

for Committee. 


June 24, 1913. 
Mr. President and Members of the Society : 

The condition of the property of the Maine Historical 
Society, which is under my charge, is excellent; no 
special repairs appear to be needed, at least for the present. 
The library now contains about 44,000 books and pam- 
phlets. We have added to the library the past year 1,024 
titles, of which 443 are bound books and 581 pamphlets. 
Since the last report of February 21, 1913, 164 books and 
136 pamphlets have been acquired, also many interesting 
articles for the cabinet. 

The Longfellow house was opened for its thirteenth 
season yesterday, the twenty-third. The interior of the 
house has been thoroughly repaired by painting and other- 
wise, and is now in line condition for the inspection of 

The gifts have been as follows : 

Report of the Board of Arbitration, November 2, 1912, New York, from 

Charles R. Van Hise, Madison, Wisconsin. 
Key to Colonial Office Papers in the Public Record Office of Great Britain, 

by Charles Andrews, from Franklin Jameson, Washington. 



Autograph Albums of Martha W. Ryan, Portland, 1827, and Miss A. M. 
Bradish, Portland, 1837, from H. W. Bryant. 

Portland and its Dead, by Rev. T. M. Eddy, from A. J. Huston. 

Greene's English Grammar, Portland, 1835, f rom Hon. F. M. Ray. 

Bulletins for the year 1912-1913, from Amherst, Yale, Harvard, Maine Wes- 
leyan, University of Maine, Hartford Seminary, Bowdoin. 

American Monthly Magazine, 6 numbers, from Elizabeth Wadsworth Chap- 
ter, D. A. R. 

The Miller Family, Rockland, 1909, from the author, Frank B. Miller. 

Bulletins from the following libraries: New York, Virginia State Library, 
Newberry, St. Louis Mercantile, Railway Library of Chicago, Providence, 
Library of Congress, Boston, Iowa Masonic Library, Minnesota. 

Documents relating to the Invasion of Canada and the Surrender of Detroit, 

1812; Red River Settlement — Papers in the Canadian Archives relating 

to the Pioneers; Catalogue of Pamphlets, Journals and Reports in the 

Dominion Archives, 1611-1867; Statistics of the Dominion of Canada; 

Nine Maps of the Dominion of Canada, 191 2-1 3, all from the Canadian 


Lineage Book, 6 vols., from National Society, D. A. R. 

A Study of Maya Art. Its Subject, Matter and History of Development, by 
Henry J. Spider, from Harvard University. 

Patriotic Poems of New Jersey, from G. Richards, N. J. S. A. R. 

Obed Hussey, Record of His Life, from Follette L. Greene. 

Proceedings from the following historical societies : New Jersey, New Eng- 
land Antiquities, American Antiquities, Orange, N. J., Lexington, Ameri- 
can Antiquarian, Newport, Ohio, Philadelphia and Minnesota. 

Directory of the Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, D. A. R., Portland, Me. 
1911-12, from Miss Luetta King. 

The Panama Canal Conflict between Great Britain and United States, by 
L. Oppenheim, from T. W. Balch. 

Silvester Gardiner, by Henry S. Webster, from the Gardiner Historical 

Oliver Hazard Perry, Centennial Celebration of the War of 181 2 at Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

My Pilgrimage to the Wise Men of the East, by Moncure D. Conway. 

Addresses and Reports of Moncure Daniel Conway, from his daughter, Mrs. 
Mildred C. Sawyer. 

The Jerseyman 'Magazine, from Leonard B. Chapman. 

Journals of Science, of Prison Discipline, Education, Commerce and Philos- 

Life and Correspondence of Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, 2 vols., 1902, from 
the editor, Vincent Y. Bowditch, M. D. 

Pierrepont Genealogy from Norman Times to 1913, by R. B. Moffat, 1913, 
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A Portrait of Henry W. Longfellow, painted by C. O. Cole, from Charlotte 

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A piece of the old bell of St. Stephen's Church, July 4, 1866, from Joseph B. 

Shepherd, D.D. 
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in 1755, from Leonard B. Chapman, Esq. 
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Gold-headed cane belonging to Capt. Rufus Mclntire, from the late Philip 

W. Mclntire. 
Picture of the Aldvvorth Monument, St. Peter's, Bristol, from Dr. Henry S. 

A ten cent scrip, March 3, 1863, from John L. Straw, Lewiston, Me. 

Nathan Goold, Librarian. 
By Ethel P. Hall, 

Ass I. Libra ria n . 



The funeral of Nathan Goold, Esq., the first librarian 
and curator in the Society's new building, was held on 
Monday afternoon, March 2, 191 4, from the library room 
which was for several years the scene of his labors. The 
coffin was placed near his own desk, banked with flowers, 
among them a fine piece from the members of the Society. 
Members of this Society, the Sons of the American Rev- 
olution, and the Society of the American Wars, besides 
many private citizens, were present to pay the last tribute 
to a man who was high in the esteem of all. 

Rev. Joseph Battell Shepherd and Rev. Canon Philip 
Schuyler were the officiating clergymen and the impres- 
sive burial service of the Episcopal church was read. A 
high tribute was paid to the dead in a eulogy by Hon. 
Augustus F. Moulton, and an appreciation written by 
Hon. James Phinney Baxter, who was confined to his 
house on account of an accident, was read by Canon 
Schuyler. The hymns were sung by the Schubert Quar- 
tet, and following the ceremony the body was taken to 
Evergreen Cemetery, whence it was later removed to 

Henry Deering, Hon. Augustus F. Moulton, I. Fred. 
Sturdivant, Philip F. Turner, Frederick S. Vaill and 
Frederick O. Conant were the pall bearers. 


in his eulogy Hon. Augustus F. Moulton said : 

As we meet here this afternoon to pay our last earthly 
tribute of respect and regard to Nathan Goold, for many 
years our companion and friend, the place itself is sug- 
gestive of the words of Moore, "The harp that once 
through Tara's halls the soul of music shed, now hangeth 
mute on Tara's walls, for Oh, the soul hath fled." Every- 
thing about us is a reminder of him whose earthly form is 
with us again in this familiar room, but in slumber so pro- 
found and in repose so peaceful that we would hardly 
wish to awaken him if we could. The building itself was 
the fulfillment of his almost lifelong desire that the Society 
to which both he and his honored father had given so 
much of earnest attention and support should have a worthy 
home of its own. The collections, the pictures and the 
books with which he had passed so many hours had become 
to him almost like his comrades and daily helpers. 
The adjoining home of the family and the poet, known 
wherever English speech is heard, was a part of his daily 
conversation and concern. To those of us who were in 
the way of meeting him the very atmosphere seems per- 
meated with the thought of one who although no longer 
responsive with living voice yet speaks in memory from 
everything around. It is altogether appropriate and in 
accordance with his expressed wish that in this place 
should be performed the funeral rites which mark the end- 
ing of his earthly career. 

Although Mr. Goold had rounded out his 67th year his 
personal appearance and cheerful address always gave the 
impression of youth. He was a Portland boy and loved 
his native town and its people. It was always a pleasure 
to him to recall the story of its past, and the recollections 
of his own youth here. The days when he attended 
Master Skiples's school were a vivid picture in his mind. 
It was he who first suggested giving the name of his old 
teacher to the school where he taught and which now 
bears his name. As a boy his tastes ran to mechanics 
more than to literature, and for over twenty years he gave 
his time to business. He had inherited from his father, 
William Goold, of honored memory, a taste for historical 
research, and had read and studied widely along those 
lines. In his later years he gave up active business, and 




became librarian and curator for the Maine Historical 
Society and for other like associations. lie was one of the 
organizers and original members of the society of the Sons 
of the American Revolution. For years he belonged to 
the Fraternity Club and to other literary and patriotic 
organizations. He was a persistent investigator of the 
affairs of the early times, and traced out and made record 
of the location of the old streets and landmarks of Portland. 
For his researches concerning the naval career of the Rev- 
olutionary hero, Paul Jones, and his gallant ship, the 
"Ranger," he was honored with membership in the Paul 
Jones Society of Portsmouth. To his long and patient 
investigation of the old Revolutionary muster rolls was 
largely due the discovery of the fact that one-tenth of the 
heroic army which under Washington endured the priva- 
tions of V alley Forge came from this immediate locality. 
His historical work covered so many subjects and was so 
well known that detail in that regard is wholly unneces- 
sary. At historical conventions and gatherings in various 
States he was a well known and welcome guest, and he 
became as of course one of the most conspicuous members 
of the Society in whose rooms we now meet. 

To those who knew him best Nathan Goold was a 
fast friend and a genial companion. He was always 
upright and honorable. He hated shams and loved the 
truth, and had always the courage of his convictions. 
Patriotism with him was a deep and abiding principle. 
From his knowledge of his country's past he gained appre- 
ciation of its present and confidence in its future. By his 
passing onward to the Great Beyond, the Society sustains a 
loss which is well nigh irreparable. The community, too, 
is poorer by the departure of a good and loyal citizen. To 
his relatives and friends there still remains the consolation 
of the living recollection of his life and works so written 
upoh the tablets of heart and mind that it will never be 
effaced. Death comes to all and all seasons are its own. 
Its mystery is as old as the story of humanity itself. The 
body passes; of that we know it is dust to dust. But it 
has been well said that those words were not spoken of 
the soul, and we cannot believe that the accomplishments 
of mind and heart can ever be wasted or lost. Omar 
Khayyam said in hopeless vein : 



" The world will turn when we are earth 
As though we had not come nor gone ; 

There was no lack before our birth 

When we are gone there will be none." 

But with the rising of the Star of Bethlehem there came 
to us as a new and abiding faith the belief so well expressed 
by the poet that our friend and brother loved so well, the 
belief that brings comfort to us all to-day : 

" There is no death, what seems so is transition. 

This life of mortal breath 
Is but the gateway of the port Elysian 

Whose portals we call death." 

Mr. Baxter's appreciation read by Canon Schuyler was 
as follows : 

It seems fitting on this sad occasion that as President of 
the Maine Historical Society I should add a few words to 
those of Mr. Goold's other friends, which I would have 
been glad to have spoken in person but for the fact that I 
am unable to do so. 

The loss of Mr. Goold will be deeply felt not only by us 
but by the community in which he was so well known. 
When he became librarian of this Society he brought to it 
the inherited love of history which his father conspicu- 
ously displayed. No more fitting appointment to the posi- 
tion could have been made, and Mr. Goold entered upon 
his duties with an ambition to advance the interests of the 
Society by every means in his power. Our library and 
collections were his first care, and upon assuming office he 
at once opened a correspondence with other librarians, and 
with people whom he thought might aid him in securing 
valuable books and relics to enrich the Society's posses- 
sions. His success in this undertaking is a matter of com- 
mon knowledge ; indeed, when we look about us his 
handiwork is to be seen on every side. His interest in the 
Longfellow house never flagged ; he not only superin- 
tended the management of this most interesting museum 
but was always on hand to give personal information to 
visitors from abroad ; in fact, in this home of memories, 
Mr. Goold's presence will long abide. Not only did he 
attend to his varied duties, but he devoted many spare 
moments to historical writing, and no one acquainted with 


his work can fail to realize that he was a most careful and 
painstaking student, never allowing himself to be led aside 
by attractive theories, but pursuing the simpler, if less 
alluring, paths of fact. 

Those who were with him at the last annual meeting of 
the Society at Brunswick which he attended well remem- 
ber, though he was then far from well, with what care 
and particularity he performed the duties which devolved 
upon him. It should be especially gratifying to his friends 
that during the closing years of his life he occupied a posi- 
tion than which none could have afforded him greater 
content and happiness. 

He has left behind him worth) 7 work which will hardly 
be forgotten. It would be worth while for this to be said 
of any of us. 

June 26, 1914. 

The annual meeting of the Society was held in the 
lecture room of Hubbard Hall, Brunswick, Friday, 26th 
June, 1914, at 2.00 i\ m. 

The meeting was called to order by the president. 

The recording secretary being absent, William D. Pat- 
terson was appointed to act as such fro tern. 

Members present: James P. Baxter, Frederick O. 
Conant, Henry Deering, George A. Emery, Aimer J. 
Huston, Henry Johnson, Fritz II . Jordan, George T. 
Little, Prentice C. Manning, Alfred Mitchell, William 
D. Patterson, Barrett Potter, Archie L. Talbot, Henry S. 
Webster, Joseph Wood. 

1 me minutes of the last annual meeting were read and 
approved, after which the president said : 


Since our last meeting our librarian, Mr. Goold, has 
died. Mr. Goold was a careful student of history, and 
found himself amid most congenial surroundings in our 


library. His work for the Society was invaluable, and 
I think I am justified in saying that posterity will owe 
him a debt of gratitude for his well directed and persistent 
efforts in securing gifts of valuable books and relics for its 

The standing committee, some time after his death, by 
advice from many sources, elected Miss Evelyn L. Gil- 
more, librarian of the Lewiston Public Library, to fill his 
place until the annual meeting. Miss Gilmore, having 
unfinished work to do, preferred to begin her term of 
office at the commencement of our official year. Perhaps 
I should say that Miss Gilmore is in every way competent 
to catalogue and arrange the library and manuscripts, 
which is greatly needed, and to advance the interests of 
the Society in many directions. I think the Society is 
fortunate in having so accomplished a candidate for the 

I wish to recommend, in order to facilitate the work of 
the Society, the selection of a Book and Library com- 
mittee, the librarian to be chairman ; a committee on 
Papers and Essays ; a committee on the collection of 
Epitaphs ; and a committee whose duty it shall be to cor- 
respond with members of this Society living in counties 
having no local historical organization, to interest them in 
forming societies in their respective counties. 

Some years ago I formulated a plan to secure the forma- 
tion of an historical society in every county in the State. 
Several members of this Society were appointed to awaken 
an interest, in this plan in their respective counties, and 
several societies were organized, which are still flourish- 
ing. I am hoping that their example may be followed by 
other counties, and active County Historical Societies 
formed. Every county in the State should have a society 
to gather its past, and to preserve its present history. As 
such work should perpetuate the names of its past and 
present residents, all should be interested in it. 


These societies should be allied to the Maine Historical 
Society, and their members eligible to membership in it, 
and reports of their doings reported at its annual meetings. 
Such an organization of the historical interests and activi- 
ties of the State would be of the greatest importance. 

A tercentenary of the advent of Capt. John Smith to 
this coast is to be celebrated by the people of Monhegan 
early in August, and this Society has been invited to par- 
ticipate in the exercises. If accepted, I would advise the 
appointment of a committee to confer with the Monhegan 
committee of arrangements. 

The report of the assistant librarian, Miss Ethel Paige 
Hall, was read by Fritz H. Jordan, Esq., and it was 
accepted and placed on file. 

The report of the auditing committee on the treasurer's 
account for the year ending in June, 1913, was read and 

The annual report of the treasurer, Fritz H. Jordan, 
was read by him, and it was accepted and placed on 

The annual report of the biographer and corresponding 
secretary, William D. Patterson, was read by him and 
accepted and placed on file. 

The report of the standing committee was read by 
Henry Deering, Esq., and it was accepted and placed on 

Fritz H. Jordan, Esq., read the report of the committee 
on the Wadsworth-Longfellow house and the report of the 
committee on monument to Col. Arthur Noble, both of 
which reports were accepted and placed on file. 

The Society proceeded to the election of new members, 
when Mr. Wood was appointed a committee to distribute 
ballots and to receive, sort and count the same and report 
the result, whereupon the ballot was taken and the com- 
mittee reported the election of resident members as follows : 


Boyd Bartlett, Castine. Rev. Melvin Sherburne Hutchins, 
Alan L. Bird, Rockland. Phillips. 

Charles A. Flagg, Bangor. Edward Clarence Jones, Portland. 

Dr. Alonzo M. Garcelon, Lewiston. Philip Ingraham Jones, Portland. 

Samuel M. Hall, Saco. Philip Lewis, M. D., Gorham. 

Ira G. Mersey, Houlton. Edward B. MacAllister, Rockland. 

Charles Lyman Hutchinson, Thomas D. Sale, Portland. 

Portland. Professor Jonathan Y. Stanton, Lewiston. 

The following communication from Hubbard W. Bryant, 
Esq., was read by Mr. Jordan : 

Mr. President and Fellow Members of the Maine His- 
torical Society : 

Since the year 1865 (a half century) it has been my 
privilege and good fortune to be enrolled as a member of 
the Society ; and when the library was moved to Portland 
in 1881, I was known, for twenty-five years, as librarian ; 
since then, 1906, as recording secretary. The years have 
passed happily and the associations have been most con- 
genial. For these pleasant years of association I feel 
profoundly grateful, and I trust that the coming years may 
be prosperous and that the Society may increase in num- 
bers and usefulness. 

This is the first time in all these years I have missed an 

annual meeting or any regular meeting of the Society, 

and it is my regret that I cannot be with you to-day. But 

the time has come to say " halt," and farewell to you all. 

Sincerely and fraternally yours, 

Hubbard W. Bryant. 

A vote of thanks to Mr. Bryant for his valued services 
to the Society and regret at his retirement from the office 
so long and faithfully filled by him was unanimously 

On motion of Archie L. Talbot, Esq., seconded by 
Henry Deering, Esq., Hubbard W. Bryant, Esq., was 
unanimously elected an honorary member of the Society. 

The President appointed Messrs. Manning, Huston and 
Conant a committee to nominate a board of officers for 


election for the ensuing year. The committee reported 
the following nominations : 

President — James P. Baxter. 

Vice President — George T. Little. 

Treasurer — Fritz H. Jordan. 

Corresponding Secretary and Biographer— William D. Patterson. 

Librarian and Curator — Miss Evelyn L. Gilmore. 

Recording Secretary — H. H. Emery. 

Standing Committee — Henry S. Burrage, Frederick O. Conant, Henry 
Ueering, George A. Emery, Prentice C. Manning, Augustus F. Moulton, 
Joseph E. Moore, Clarence Hale, Joseph Williamson. 

The report being accepted and no objection appearing, 
the entire ballot was cast by Mr. Manning, and the offi- 
cers so nominated and balloted for were each declared 
elected to his respective office. 

Committees were appointed as follows, viz. : 

Committee on Books : 

Frederick O. Conant, 
Henry Deering, 
Virgil C. Wilson, 
Evelyn L. Gilmore. 

Committee on Buildings, including Longfellow House : 
Fritz H. Jordan, 
Henry Deering, 
Darius H. Ingraham, 
Hannibal II. Emery. 

Publication Committee: 

Henry S. Burrage, 
James P. Baxter, 
Charles Thornton Libby, 
Joseph Williamson. 

Committee on Papers : 

Joseph W. Symonds, 
Augustus F. Moulton, 
Clarence Hale, 
George T. Little. 


Committee on Preserving and Restoring Historical Monuments: 
Archie L. Talbot, 
Leonard B. Chapman, 
Frederick O. Conant. 

Committee on Monhegan Field Day : 
Joseph E. Moore, 
Barrett Potter, 
Archie L. Talbot. 

Committee on Epitaphs : 

George A. Emery, 
John F. Sprague, 
Joseph Wood. 

Upon motion of Frederick O. Conant, Esq., duly sec- 
onded it was 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by 
the President to confer with the Maine Genealogical Soci- 
ety upon the advisability of uniting the libraries of the two 
Societies in order that both libraries may be made more 
available and useful to the members and to make such 
arrangements on the part of this Society as may be neces- 
sary? with power. 

The committee on union of libraries, appointed pur- 
suant to the foregoing resolution, consists of President 
Baxter, Henry Deering and Fritz H. Jordan. 

On motion of Henry Deering, Esq., the recommenda- 
tion of the standing committee that a volume of collections 
be printed was referred to the committee on publications. 

Archie L. Talbot, Esq., moved that the proceedings of 
the annual meetings for 191 3 and 1914 and a list of the 
members be printed, and the same was referred to the 
committee on publications. 

The meeting was then dissolved. 

Attest: William D. Patterson, 

Recording Secretary -p. t. 



Brunswick, Me., June 26, 1914. 

Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 

Sirs : 

I have the honor to make the following report of 
receipts and expenditures for the past year, viz. : 


June 24, 1913, balance on 

hand as per last report, $37.28 

Income of invested funds, 


Admittance fees, sixteen 

new members, 


Annual dues, 1914? 205 



Arrears of dues, 



Sales of publications of the 



Sales of duplicates, 

1. 81 


Longfellow Memorial Fund, 


State of Maine for 500 

copies each, of Vols. 17 

and 18, Documentary 

Series, 2,500.00 

Canal National Bank loan 

to finance publications, 500.00 

Exchange of securities, 30.00 




Note of June 4, 1913, $200.00 

Union Safe Deposit & Trust 

Co., rent of box and bond 

of treasurer, $25.00 

Salaries of librarian, assist- 1^70.125 

ant and recording secretary, 746.00 
Janitor, 426.00 

Fuel, lights and water, 285.95 

Repairs and maintenance, 2 4- J 7 

Printing, 2 3-36 

Sundry miscellaneous items, 99.16 1,629.64 

Insurance on building and 

library, 625.10 

Furnishing, 5 - 10 

Additions to library and 

cabinet, 64.78 

Binding, 34.25 149.13 

Account Vols. 17, 18, 19 

documentary series, 3,054.61 

June 26, 1914, balance on hand, 28.09 


The invested funds of the Society consist of stocks and 
bonds of the par value of $16,500. 

The account of the Longfellow Memorial Fund is as 
follows, viz. : 


Balance on hand June 24, 

1913, as per last report, $ 4.31 

Income of Wadsworth-Longfellow House : 
Admissions, season 1913, $2,232.25 


Profit on articles sold at 

house, $482.06 

Contributions from visitors 

at house, 4-55 2,718.86 



Transferred to general fund, 

Maine Historical Society 

on account of running 

expenses of library, ' 1,050.00 

Cash on hand June 26, 1914, 4°-99 


The debt on account of library building 

is now $10,800.00 

xpenses of Wadsworth-Longfellow House : 

Salaries of attendants and 



Repairs and maintenance, 


Grounds and trees, 




Fuel, light, water and 


39- J 3 

Printing, signs and record 



Sundry small items, 




Interest on debt, 


Reduction of debt, 




The account of the Arthur Noble Monument Fund is as 
follows, viz. : 


Balance on hand June 24, 

1913, as per last report, $2,028.67 

Interest, 7 I - I 3 


Paid Geo. W. Leighton & 
Co., for monument as per 
contract and allowance, $2,050.00 

Balance on hand June 26, 

1914, 49.80 $2,099.80 

Respectfully submitted, 

Fritz H. Jordan, 



Brunswick, Maine, June 26, 1914. 
Your committee having in charge the Wadsworth- 
Longfellow House has the honor to report that the season 
of 191 3 was a successful one. The house was open from 
June 23d to October nth, and was visited during that time 
by nearly nine thousand people. The house was in charge 
of Miss Margaret E. Harding and an able corps of assist- 
ants. The income of the house, as shown by the treas- 
urer's report, has been sufficient to cover all running 
expenses, insurance, interest on debt, to make a slight 
reduction on the debt, and to devote a considerable sum 
towards the running expenses of the library. 

Fritz H. Jordan, 




Brunswick, 26th June, 1914. 
To the President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 
Deaths of members are reported as follows : 


Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, born 8th September, 
1828, at Brewer; admitted, 1865; died at Portland, 24th 
February, 1914. 

Henry Nathaniel Fairbanks, born 24th October, 1838, 
at Wayne ; admitted, 191 1 ; died at Bangor, 17th Decem- 
ber, 1913. 

Nathan Goold, born 8th July, 1846, at Portland; 
admitted, 1892 ; died at Portland, 27th February, 1914. 

Charles Badger Hall, born 29th April, 1844, at P° rt- 
land ; admitted, 1910; died at Washington, D. C, nth 
May, 1914. 

Oliver Gray Hall, born 8th March, 1834, at South 
Thomaston ; admitted, 1893; died at Augusta, 30th Jan- 
uary, 1914. 

Katherine B. Lewis, who was admitted in 1910, died in 

I9 I 3- 

George Otis Packard, who was admitted in 1901, died 
at Portland, 7th October, 1903. 

Moses Atwood Safford, who was admitted in 1889, died 
at Kittery, 9th May, 1914. 

Asbury Coke Stilphen, born at 

Dresden ; admitted, 1892 ; died at Boothbay Harbor, 16th 
August, 1913. 

Lewis Frederick Starrett, born 20th June, 1844, at 
Warren ; admitted, 1905 ; died at Rockland, 4th January, 


Albert Roscoe Stubbs, who was admitted in 1899, died 
at Portland, 20th March, 1914. 

On the twenty-two persons elected last year sixteen 
have accepted membership. 

Respectfully submitted, 

William D. Patterson. 


Brunswick, Maine, June 26, 1914. 
Mr. President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 

Your committee having in charge the erection of the 
monument to Colonel Arthur Noble, in the town of Noble- 
borough, Maine, has the honor to report as follows : 

The contractors, Messrs. Geo. W. Leighton & Co., 
completed and erected the monument on October 23d last, 
and it was dedicated, with appropriate ceremonies, on 
October 25th. 

At the ceremonies, Hon. James P. Baxter, President of 
the Maine Historical Society, presided and made the his- 
torical address. The invocation and benediction were by 
Rev. Robert G. Greengrass, pastor of the First Baptist 
Church of Nobleborough. Judge Clarence Hale spoke of 
Arthur John Clark Sowdon, the donor, and his ancestor, 
Colonel Arthur Noble. The monument was unveiled by 
Mrs. Richard Webb, president of the Maine Society of 
Colonial Dames. The history of the monument and 
address of presentation had been assigned to Fritz II . 
Jordan. On account of Mr. Jordan's absence through 
illness, the address was read by Judge Clarence Hale. 
The speech of acceptance on behalf of the town was by 
James E. Mulligan, Esq., chairman of the Board of Select- 
men of the town of Nobleborough. 


The townspeople provided a bountiful collation. The 
weather was quite inclement. Notwithstanding this, there 
was a large attendance of the inhabitants of Nobleborough 
and adjacent towns. 

The monument is an obelisk of Maine granite, twenty- 
eight feet in height, and occupies a commanding position 
in the civic centre of the town on the main highway 
between Bath and Rockland. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Fritz H. Jordan, 

For the Committee. 


Portland, Maine, June 18, 1914- 
To the President and Members of the Maine Historical 
Society : 

I have the honor to submit the report for the librarian 
and curator of the Maine Historical Society for the year 
ending June 18, 1914. Mr. Nathan Goold, whose death 
took place February 27, 1914, was incapacitated by illness 
from performing his duties of librarian in May, 191 3 ; 
since that time, by arrangement of the Standing Committee, 
the library has been practically under my charge. 

The accessions to the library during the past year are 
301 books and 545 pamphlets, of which 755 are gifts, 59 
exchanges, and 32 purchases, an increase of 846, making 
the total number approximately 42,000. 

The cabinet collection has been increased by 229 gifts. 
Two additional volumes of the Documentary History of 
the State of Maine, edited by Hon. James P. Baxter, have 
been published, and have proved of equal interest with the 
preceding volumes. 

The most noted of the organizations with which agree- 
ment to exchange publications has been made the past 


year, is the Society of the Royal Colonial Institute of 
London. Among the gifts, some of which are large and 
valuable, are books, china and furniture from the late 
Millard F. Hicks, in memory of his sister, Mrs. Jane Earl 
Hicks Pierce ; the autograph collection of Hubbard Wins- 
low Bryant ; a picture of the National Cemetery at Gettys- 
burg, 19 13, seventy-three volumes of Baptist Missionary 
Magazines, and Beginnings of Colonial Maine, from Dr. 
Henry S. Burrage ; a wooden cannon, such as used by 
the natives in parts of the Philippine Islands, from the late 
Maj. Gen. Charles B. Hall; firearms used in the Mexican 
and the Civil Wars, from Dr. Charles E. Banks ; a picture 
of the ship "Portland" and its master, Capt. George Brazier, 
1853, from Mr. Zachariah Jellison, New York; a plan 
of New Portland, 1791, from Henry Deering, Esq. ; old 
pictures of various events and ships, and half models of 
ships, for the Marine Collection, from Alexander W. 

Following is a complete list of the additions to the 
library and cabinet for the year : 

GIFTS, JUNE 18, 1913, TO JUNE 18, 1914. 

Lineage Book of National Society, D. A. R., Vol. 36, 1901. 

American Monthly Magazine, June to December, 1913, January to June, 

1914, from Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, D. A. R. 
International Courts of Arbitration, by Thomas Balch, 1874, Ruins of 

Choqquissan, by Hiram Bingham, 191 1, from Hon. James P. Baxter. 
Catalogue of pamphlets in Dominion Archives, Precursors of Jacques 

Cartier, 1 497-1 534, Collections of Documents Relating to Early History 

of the Dominion Archives, from Minister of Agriculture, Canada. 
Special Teachings from the Arcane Science, by Edward Farnsworth. 
A Few Points of Interest About West brook, Me., 191 3, from Hon. F. M. 

Acts and Resolves, Vermont, 191 2, from State of Vermont. 
Old Times in Saco, 1891, by Daniel E. Owen, (Saco, Me), from the Author. 
T. P.'s Weekly, May 23, 191 3, from Mr. T. Fisher Umvin, Pub., London. 
Notes on the History of Waterford, Me., edited by Thomas H. Gage, Jr., 

from the editor. 
The Royal Descent and Colonial Ancestry of Mrs. Ilarly Calvin Gage, 1913, 

from Mrs. H. C. Gage, Washington, D. C. 



Manuscripts belonging to the late J. Wingate Thornton, relating to Maine 

and early settlers, from C. E. Goodspeed, Boston, Mass. 
The Fundamentals, 1913, from Testimony Pub. Co., Chicago, 111. 
Supplemental Membership Roll of Society of Mayflower, 1913, from Maine 

Mayflower Society, State of Maine. 
Newspaper Clippings from Boston Transcript, from Mrs. S. D. Cropley. 
List of Young Ladies Who Attended the Misses Martin's School, Portland, 

Me., 1804-1829, from Miss C. E. Porter. 
The Statesman or Principles of Legislation and Law, 1840, by John Holmes, 

from Franklin Partridge. 
Autograph Copy of Oration on Life and Character of Gilbert Motier de 

Lafayette, by John Quincy Adams, 1835, f rom L* r - John Carroll 

Portfolio of War Letters belonging to Lieut. Charles B. Fillebrown, 29th 

Maine, 1862-6, from C. B. Fillebrown, Boston, Mass. 
Aquila Chase's Descendants, 1 9 1 3 , by William E. Gould, Brookline, Mass., 

from William E. Gould, Brookline, Mass. 
History of Belfast, Vol. 2, by Joseph Williamson and Alfred Johnson, 1913, 

from Miss Ada C. Williamson. 
Directory to Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, D. A. R., Portland, Me., from 

Miss Luetta King. 
Notes on the Massachusetts Royal Commission, 1681-1775, by Albert 

Matthews, from the Author. 
Litchfield, Conn., County Choral Union, 191 2, 2 vols., compiled by J. H. 

Vaill, from University Club, Norfolk, Conn. 
Genealogy of Joseph Arnold, Braintree, Mass., 1635, f rom Miss Emma 

Filipino People, A Monthly Magazine, 191 3-19 14, from publishers. 
The Portland Rossini Club Year Book, 1912-13. 
Three scrap books containing: No. 1, manuscript relative to Thompson's 

War in Falmouth, 1775, No. 2, relative to Captain Henry Mowatt, R. N., 

1735-98, No. 3, relative to Destruction of Falmouth, October 18, 1775, 

from Dr. Charles E Banks, U. S. M. S. 
Royal Society of Canada, 191 2, Proceedings and Transactions, from Royal 

Society Canada. 
National Year Book, S. A. R., i9i3,from the late Nathan Goold, Esq. 
Report of Harvard Class of 1853, from Robert S. Rantoul. 
Chicago, its History and its Builders, by J. Seymour Currey, 1913. 
The Seal of the Arms and the Flag of Rhode Island, by Howard M. 

Chapin, Historical Discourse at 100th Anniversary of Rhode Island 

Bible Society, by Henry M. King; both from Mr. King. 
Directory of Insurance Company Agents and Brokers, 1913, from the State 

Publishing Co., Waterville, Me. 
Genealogy of Abel Waters, Sutton, Mass., from Ethel G. W r aters, Rochester, 

N. Y. 
Loan Exhibition of Relics and Heirlooms of Newport Historical Society, 1913. 


The Descendants of Christopher Chester, 1796-1896, from F. D. Chester, 

Boston, Mass. 
Charter and By-laws of Portland Gas Co., incorporated 1849. Portland, Me., 

Rules and Regulations for running trains of Grand Trunk Railway of Canada, 

Portland District, i860, from R. K. Jones, Orono. 
American Monthly Magazines for 1912-13, from Mrs. Isabel Merrill, Port- 
land, Me. 
Manual of First Congregational Church, Wilton, Maine, 1818-1911, Wilton 

Centennial, 1803-1903, Dedication of Congregational Church at Wilton, 

1909, Farmington Chronicle, 1909, Franklin Journal, August 19, 1913, 

all from Miss Mary E. Eaton, Wilton. 
The Chase Chronicle, 1913-1914, from Chase-Chace Family Association. 
A Universal Gazeteer, compiled by R. Brooks, M.D., 1845, Dictionary of all 

Officers who have served in the Army of the U. S., by Adj. Gen. Charles 

R. Gardiner, 1853, both from Maj. Gen. C. B. Hall. 
Map of New Hampshire, 1833, by J. R. Goodno, from Lewis Pierce. 
Vital Records of West Gardiner, Me., to 1892. 
Swett Genealogy, 19 13, from the author, Rev. Everett S. Stackpole ; Minutes 

of Maine Annual Conference, M. E. Church, 1842, 1899, irom Rev. 

Everett S. Stackpole. 
History of Baptists in Vermont, from Prentice C. Manning. 
Genealogy of the Buck Family, by Mrs. Elizabeth Richards, from Mrs. Samuel 

S. Hill, Wernerville, Pa. 
Old Bible, no date, from Mr. Jordan. 

Oriental Numismatics, Robinson Collections, from John Robinson. 
Six Copies of the Eastern Argus, 1834-1856-1863, from Mrs. Florence Hunt 

North East Magazine, 1913-1914, from the publishers. 
Barnstable and Yarmouth Sea Captains and Ship Owners, by Frances W. 

Sprague, 1914, List of Sailings from N. E., to San Francisco, 1849-1S56, 

by Leavitt Sprague, 1913, both from F. W. Sprague, Brookline, Mass. 
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William Pierce Frye, 1913, 

from Col. F. E. Boothby. 
Official U. S. Army Registers, 1882, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, from Maj. Gen. 

Charles B. Hall. 
Genealogical Chart of William Lincoln Palmer, of Boston. 
General Sketch of Edward Ridgely Thompson and Eliza Enlow, his wife, 

1913, from Miss Florence W. Thompson. 
Lists of Merchant Vessels in the U. S., 1908- 19 10, from Fritz H. Jordan. 
Madison's Early History, 191 1, from Mrs. A. V. Moore, Madison, Me. 
Catalogues of Library of Late Maj. William D. Lambert, of Philadelphia, Pa., 

No. 1, 2, 3, Part I, Lincolniana, from Mrs. W. II. Lambert. 
Harper's Weekly, from the publishers. 
Two Hundredth Anniversary of First Church Christ, West Hartford, Conn., 

May 18 to 21, 19 1 3, from Mrs. E. McL. Rowland. 


The North East Magazine for 1914, from Rev. Philip Schuyler. 

Record of Simon Harrington's Imprisonment at Dartmouth Prison, Eng., 

1814-1815, from Harrison L. Harrington. 
Two copies of Independent Reporter, Skowhegan, Oct., 1912-13, from the 

Daily Kennebec Journal, 4 numbers, from the publishers. 
Copy of Index of Names and Places in Sullivan's District of Maine, from A, 

J. Huston. 
Copy of Lincoln's Letter to Mrs. Eliza P. Gurney, Sept. 4, 1864, New York 

Times, Feb. 9, 1913, Pictorial Lincoln History, from George K. Comery. 
Sacred Heart Review, Feb. 14, 1914, from the publishers. 
The Zeta Psi Fraternity, Pocket Directory, 19 12, from Edward S. Osgood. 
Abraham Lincoln, by G. R. Snowden, from John P. Nicholson. 
The Fogg Family of America, from Dr. John Smith Fogg. 
With a Rod of Iron, by William E. Savage, 191 1, from Mrs. Walter Reid. 
Bishop Family Genealogy, Winthrop, Me., from the author, F. I. Bishop. 
Baptist Missionary Magazine, 1817 to 1893, 73 volumes, from Dr. Henry S. 

Maine Farmers' Almanac, 19 14, from William II. Stevens. 
Farmers' Almanac, 1806, 1823, from Mrs. Florence Hunt Libby. 
Maine Farmers' Almanac, 191 2-1913, from the publishers. 
Congregational Year Book, 1910-1911, from Rev. H. O. Thayer. 
Pioneers of Portsmouth, N. H., article in Granite Monthly. 
Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada, 1 791-1818. 
An Artillery Man's Diary, by Jenkins Lloyd Jones, 1914, from the Wisconsin 

Historical Commission. 
Seventy miscellaneous pamphlets on Railroads, from Bureau of Railway 

Economics, Washington, D. C. 
191 1 Record of American and Foreign Shipping, from American Lloyds, 

New York. 
Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials and Legends, by Lucien L. Knight, 1913, 

from L. B. Knight. 
A Call of Attention to the Bahaists or Babists of America, 2 pamphlets, by 

A. J. Stenstrand. 
Maine State Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Reports, 1910, 

191 2, 1913, from Col. F. E. Boothby. 
Who's Who in America, 1912, 1913; Robert B. Thomas Farmers' Almanac, 

1914, both from Hon. D. H. Ingraham. 
Proclamation of Flag Day, June 14, 1914, from the State of Connecticut. 
City Directory, Portland, 1914, from Fred. L. Tower. 
Official Program of the Centennial Celebration at Westbrook, 1814-1911; 

Cumberland County Directory, 1895-1896, from Hon. F. M. Ray. 
Newspaper clippings from the Stephen Mayberry collection, from Mrs. Florence 

Hunt Libby. 
The American Loyalists in the Eastern Seigniories and Townships of the 

Province of Quebec, from the author, Wilbur II. Siebert. 


Law and the Courts and Lawyers of Maine, by William Willis, 1883, from 
A. W. Longfellow, Boston. 

Report of Superintendent of the Portland Boys' Club, 1914, from Hon. D. H. 

The Hovey Book, Giving Ancestry of Daniel Hovey, Ipswich, Mass., 1913, 
from Horace C. Hovey, Newburyport, Mass. 

Twelve volumes from the estate of the late jane Earl Hicks Pierce, includ- 
ing Youth's Familiar Guide, 1772, Lyric Poems, 1709, Columbian Orator^ 
1797, Reynold's Explication of the iroth Psalm, 1635. 

From Hubbard Winslow Bryant, Esq., his large and exceedingly valuable 
collection of autographs. 

Seventy books and pamphlets and nine newspapers, 1816-1887, of very great 
value and interest to Maine history, also from Mr. Bryant. 

Speeches and addresses, Hon. J. Hampton Moore, at Gettysburg, 1 9 1 3 ; Hon. 
W. W. Crapo, on presentation of the Whaleman's Statue, New Bedford; 
Rome E. Brown, Recall of Constitutional Safeguards; Howard Elliott, 
Harvard Crimson dinner. 

Also current favors from the State of Maine, Maine State Library, City of 
Portland, City of Boston, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, 
Department of the Interior, Boston Public Library, Bangor Public 
Library, Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass., State of Vermont, State of 
Rhode Island, Providence Public Library, Connecticut State Library, 
State of New York, New York State Library, New York Public Library, 
Virginia State Library, Newberry Library, Chicago, St. Louis Mercantile 
Library, Peabody Museum, Michigan Historical Commission, Jewish 
Historical Society, Swedish Colonial Society, Sons of American Revolu- 
tion, Society of Colonial Wars, Society for the Preservation of New 
England Antiquities, American Philosophical Society, Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company, Maine Agricultural Experiment Station, 
Tennessee Board of Entomology, Valley Forge Park Commission, 
Masonic Grand Council of Maine, Northern Masonic Supreme Council, 
Iowa Masonic Library, Maine General Hospital, Maine Congregational 
Conference, Portland Fraternity, Lake Mohonk Conference, Associated 
Charities of Boston, Carnegie Endowment, Indian Rights Association, 
Am. Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Utah Conservation 
Commission, International Congress of Americanists, League of Minne- 
sota Municipalities, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Bowdoin College, 
University'of Maine, Harvard University, Boston University, Dartmouth 
College, Amherst College, Yale University, Hartford Theological Semi- 
nary, Vanderbilt University, Oberlin College, North Carolina University, 
University of Minnesota, Nebraska University, Maine Central Railroad, 
Bureau of Railroad Economics, Illinois Manufacturers' Association, 
American Telephone & Telegraph Co., United States Brewers' 



We have acquired by exchange the following : 

Maryland Historical Magazine. 
Missouri Historical Review, 1913-1914. 
Iowa Journal of History and Politics. 
Hartford University Quarterly, 191 3. 
Missouri Historical Review, 1914. 
University of Minnesota, 1913-1914. 
Indiana Magazine of History, 19 14. 

Also the current publications of the following societies : 

New Hampshire Historical Society. 

Vermont Historical Society. 

Massachusetts Historical Society. 

American Antiquarian Society. 

New England Historical-Genealogi- 
cal Society. 

Essex Institute. 

Cambridge Historical Society. 

Lynn Historical Society. 

Lowell Historical Society. 

Newport Historical Society. 

Connecticut Historical Society. 

New Haven Colony Historical Soci- 

New York Historical Society. 

Brooklyn Historical Society. 

Hudson County Historical Society. 

Oneida Historical Society. 

Buffalo Historical Society. 

New Jersey Historical Society. 

Pennsylvania Historical Society. 

Maryland Historical Society. 
Virginia State Library. 
North Carolina Historical Society. 
Louisiana Historical Society. 
Historical and Philosophical Society 

of Ohio. 
Indiana Historical Society. 
Illinois Historical Society. 
Chicago Historical Society. 
Michigan Historical Society. 
Wisconsin Historical Society. 
Mississippi Valley Historical Society. 
Missouri Historical Society. 
Kansas Historical Society. 
Iowa Historical Society. 
Wyoming Historical and Geological 

Oregon Historical Society. 
Royal Society of Canada. 
Royal Historical Society of London. 
Royal Colonial Institute. 

We have purchased the following : 

History of Chatham, Mass., by William C. Smith, 1913. 

Sprague's Journal of Maine History, 6 numbers, 1 913-1914. 

Magazine of History, extra numbers, 23-24, 1913. 

Devon* & Cornwall Notes and Queries. 

Walton's Vermont Register, 1914. 

Supplement to History of County of Annapolis, by A. W. Savary. 

History of Hudson, N. H., 1673-1913, by Kimball Webster. 

Topsfield Historical Collections, Vol. 17, 1912, Vol. 18, 1913. 

Les Sources de l'Oeuvre de Henry W. Longfellow, by Paul Morin, B.A., 

LL.B., Paris, 1913. 
The Minute Men and other Patriots of Walpole, Mass., 1775-1783, by Isaac 

Newton Lewis, A.M., LL.B. 


Gems of the Ocean, (Matinicus) compiled by Robert B. Fillmore. 
Dover, N. H., 1623-1865, by George Wadleigh. 
Magazine of History, August, September, 191 3. 
Cornwall Parish Registers, Marriages, Vol. 22. 

Peterborough, N. If., in the American Revolution, by Jonathan Smith, 191 3. 
Vols. 3, 4, 5, of the N. E. Magazine or Bay State Monthly. 
Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex Co., Mass., Vol. 3. 

Durham, N. II., 2 vols., by Everett S. Stackpole and Winthrop S. Meserve. 
Vital Records, Richmond, Mass. 
Vital Records, Granville, Mass. 
Dorset Parish Registers, Marriages, Vol. 7. 

The gifts to the cabinet have been as follows : 

1 Sword, 1 Sabre, 2 Belts, carried in Civil War, from Misses Wood, Chicago. 

Plate from the Battleship Maine, loaned by Daughters of 1812. 

Papers from the Hardy Collection of Stow, N. H., from William A. Rollins, 
New York. 

Picture of Longfellow, copied by Miss Elizabeth Patterson from original by 
G. P. Healey, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, loaned by William D. Pat- 
terson, Esq. 

The following are from the late Millard Hicks in mem- 
ory of his sister, Mrs. Jane Earl Hicks Pierce, 47 pieces 
of household furniture : 

Hicks -Pierce Collection : China — 1 Lowestoft Teapot, 1 Lowestoft Sugar 
Bowl, i Lowestoft Bowl, 2 Lowestoft Saucers, 3 Lowestoft Tea Cups, 
4 Lowestoft Coffee Cups, 1 Blue and Gold Pitcher, Luster Ware, 1 Small 
Bronze Pitcher, Luster Ware, 2 Blue Cups, 1 Blue Plate, 1 Pewter Mug, 

1 Pewter Plate, 2 Decanters, 3 Candle Sticks, 1 Fluid Lamp, 1 Fancy 
Box, 1 Vanity Box, 1 Bed Quilt, 2 Small Pictures, dated 1801, Portrait of 
Joseph Hicks, 1 747-1844, Family Record of Joseph Hicks, Tall Wooden 
Clock, 1 Gilt Mirror, 1 Small Mirror, 1 Flax Wheel, 2 Chairs, 1 Desk, 

2 Snuff Boxes, 2 Tables, 2 Small Silver Spoons, 1 Photograph of house 
where these things formerly were, and of house in which Joseph Hicks 
was born, Yarmouth, Me. 

Picture of Washington's Home while in the Barbadoes, 17 51, from William 

E. Barry, Kennebunk. 
An old Hand Made Key, from Tommy Edwards, Portland. 
Souvenir of World's Fair, Chicago, 1892. Badge worn at 50th anniversary 

Battle of Gettysburg by Maine men, from Hon. F. E. Boothby. 
Small sum of money, from Miss Katrine S. Steen, Philadelphia. 
Picture of National Cemetery, Gettysburg, July 1-5, 1913, from Dr. Henry S. 

Bur rage. 
Picture of ship (oil painting), from Fritz H. Jordan. 


Model of ship, from Aimer J. Huston. 

Facsimile of Original Commission of William Loud, P'ebruary 9, 1742, from 

Hon. James P. Baxter. 
Portfolio of War Letters belonging to Lieut. Charles B. Fillebrown, 29th 

Maine, 1862-66, from Charles B. Fillebrown, Boston, Mass. ; Confederate 

money, from the same. 
Decanter belonging to John N. Hayes, of New York, 3 plates, from Annette 

W. Libby, Gray. 
Badge of New York State worn at Gettysburg, from Dr. Burrage. 
Filipino Cannon, from Maj. Gen. Charles B. Hall. 

Soil from "Old Dundee" (Limington, Me.), from Mrs. L. A. Underhill, Brook- 
line, Mass. 
Old Programmes used in church at Standish, from Miss Ellen A. Stone, 

A court summons issued in Cumberland County, 1869, from W. A. Hilde- 

brand, New York. 
3 Springfield Rifles used in Civil War, 1 Gun used in Mexican War, 

1846-48, 4 Entrenching Tools used on end of Guns, from Dr. Charles E. 

Banks, Milwaukee. 
Watch owned by William Kimball Sawyer, formerly of Portland, loaned by 

C. B. Sawyer, Boston. 
An Old Iron Cooking Dish, from Mr. Prentice C. Manning. 
Picture of Ship Portland, 1853, Picture of Capt. George Brazier, master of 

Ship of Portland, from Zachariah Jellison. 
Paper published at Vicksburg, July 2, 1863, from Charles H. Ross, Portland. 
Photographs from paintings in York Institute, Saco, of Col. Thomas and 

Mrs. Elizabeth Cutts, from Charles Thornton Libby. 
Cup and Saucer, from Mr. Harold Morong, Portland. 
Portfolio of Notes on the Fogg Family, loaned by Dr. John S. Fogg, 

Filipino Hat, from Miss Blanche Halstead, Portland. 
Copper Box used in the Greely Expedition, 1882, from Mrs. A. B. Norton, 

Plan of the Town of New Portland, 1791, from Henry Deering, Esq., Portland. 
Spoon from Cutter Caleb Cushing, 1863, from Mrs. F. E. Allen, Portland. 
Lantern of Revolutionary times, from Mrs. A. G. Nicholson, Sedgwick. 
Picture of Charles P. Haskell and wife and their home at New Gloucester, 

Me., from L. F. Crockett, Westbrook. 

The following are loaned by A. W. Longfellow, 
Boston, Mass. : 

2 Guns, 1 Pistol, 1 Hunting Knife. 

A book entitled, "The Bombardier and Pocket Gunner," published 1804. 

3 models of Ships. 

5 Ship Building Tools. 


Certificate of Reuben G. Yorke to membership Portland Marine Society, Jan- 
uary 17, 1826, 
Naval Register, 1835. 
Picture of U. S. F. Brandy wine. 
Picture of Clipper Bark Grapeshot. 
Picture of Ship William Wetherell. 
Picture of Rockaway. 
Picture of Wiscasset. 
Picture of Paramita. 
Picture of St. Leon. 
Picture of U. S. Ship Constitution. 
Picture of Topsail Schooner Challenge. 
Picture of His Royal Highness Prince of Wales, 1861. 
Picture of Queen Victoria, 1869. 
Picture of City of Havana, Cuba. 
Picture of Bangor, Me., 1836. 
Picture of Castine, Me., 1855. 
Picture of Biddeford and Saco, Me. 
Picture of Bangor, Me., 1854. 

Picture taken from the old Knox House, Thomaston, Me. 
Picture of a Copper Plate found at Castine, Me., 1648. 


5 990«